Rescue 1, 1996 International Rescue\First Responder Vehicle

Rescue\First responder truck, air cascade, cold water rescue gear, extrication equipment,  misc. medical supplies, and Rehab items.

Engine 1, 2011 Spartan Rear Mount by Custom Fire

1500 gpm waterous rear mount, 1000 gal. water with 20 gal. foam tank class 1 pumper. Equiped with extrication equipment, ladders, 2000 gal. drop tank.

Engine 2, 1998 Freightliner Full Response by Custom Fire

1250gpm waterous interior top mount, 1000 gal. water with foam. Class 1 pumper , deck gun, remote monitor, ladders, 2000 gal. drop tank.

Grass 1, 1993 Ford F350 Grass Rig

450gpm waterous with 250 gal. water tank. Equipped with hose reel, light weight forestry hose, hand pumps and misc. wild land tools.

Tender, 1991 Chevy Top Kick by Custom Fire

450gpm waterous portable pump, 2000 gal. water, carries spare hose, ladders, drop tank.

Rescue 2, 2008 Polaris Ranger

Equipped with rescue supplies and backboard in winter. Slide in 50 gal. tank with firefighting capabilities in wild fire season.

CV1, 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

Command/Fire Responder Vehicle equipped medical supplies as it is used as our primary medical response vehicle